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Satos de Pinones and All Sato Rescue

Hi All,

Its been a while since I have written. We recently moved back from to the States from Puerto Rico, but just before we left, we adopted a beautiful Sato (Puerto Rican Street Dog) from the city of Guaynabo.

When we first saw her she was had the mange, had very little hair, invested with worms, and possibly all of the bad parasites you can imagine. But with all of this in her body, she was bright, alert, and happy to be alive and with people who loved her. This is why we took her in.

We named her Puchi Perez, after the late Hector Lavoe's wife, because she was full of spunk and that Puerto Rican spirit. The first month of us adopting her we had to keep her quarantined from the rest of our dogs (2 others) because of the mange. It spreads like wild fire and we didn't want to infect our perfectly healthy dogs.

With the help of All Sato Rescue ( and Satos de Pinones ( we were able to keep her quarantined until she was healthy enough to come home. We eventually took her home where she fit right in with our two other pets. We love her a lot and we don't know what life would be like without her.

Below is a video of Puchi around the time we adopted her. This took place at All Sato Rescue. If you are thinking of adopting a sato from Puerto Rico, I highly recommend it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and I suggest visiting or

Caficultura new cafe in San Juan

Sitting here loving the new breakfast/lunch place in Old San Juan.

It's right on the corner of Calle San Francisco and O'Donnell. It's an
amazing place for breakfast with a great ambiance.

I would highly recommend eating here.

Puchi Perez After Pictures

Puchi Perez Before Pictures

Here's what Puchi looked like when we first got her. She was in pretty
bad shape.

Meet Puchi Perez (our new Satita)

We first came across Puchi through an email chain explaining Puchi's
story and to see if anyone wanted to adopt her.

So my wife quickly asked if we could inquire about her to see if she
would e a good fit for our family.

I said it was ok, and as soon as I said that an appointment was to
meet her.

As soon as we met her it was love at first site and we knew we had to
have her. She was the sweetest dog full of energy and love.

But as we met her we found out she has the mange along with other
parasites that would need to be addressed before we take her home to
meet our two dogs.

So we looked into taking her and found help with a local dog rescue
shelter, All Sato Rescue. Edilia from the All Sati Rescue group agreed
to house her for a month while she was getting treated for the mange
and the other parasites found on her.

So we set it up. We picked her up, brought her to the vet, and then to
All Sato Rescue for quarantine. She come yo' love the shelter and have
a blast. Our routine was every Wednesday I would pick her up and go to
the vet for treatments and on Saturdays my wife and I would volunteer
at the shelter bathing puppies, applying medicine, and helping out any
way we could.

Thus turned out to be a wonderful experiance for my wife and I. We
wouldn't of had it any other way and to now have a great little puppy
with a 100% health certificate and a great personality.

We couldn't of done it without the help of Edilia and the All Sato
Rewcue Group. (there's my plug)

Moving from PR

Sadly today is the day the movers come in to pack our stuff.

The great crew from PR Packers came in this morning to pack up our
apartment and prepare our stuff to be shipped by boat to Boston.

We had a great time here in Puerto Rico and will be very sad to leave
on Sunday.

Our Trip to Barceloneta

This past Sunday we went to Barceloneta to do some shopping at the outlets there. L did her shopping while I got the oil changed at a local Quick Lube and Car Wash.

While I was there, they created posters and flyers telling people to get their car washed and disinfected to prevent the Swine Flu. I thought this was hilarious, because people are going nuts about the Swine Flu here, and now even the car wash is turning this Pandemic into a profit.

Funny Ad about Swine Flu: